When Will We See Daddy Again?

When Will We See Daddy Again? - twinstiarasandtantrums.com

I have been a single mum now for 4 years, it is getting easier all the time and when I look back I sometimes wonder just how I managed to get through being left alone with one year old twins. I’ve had plenty of hurdles to jump and each one has been a challenge that I have thankfully overcome with strength, grace and hopefully with my dignity still intact.

However, just lately there seems to be a hurdle that I can’t seem to get over. I just don’t know how!

When I started my blog nearly two years ago, I promised myself that I would never write about my relationship with the twin’s father. We had a very turbulent one and it just didn’t seem right to talk about this in public. I really hoped in time, things would settle down and we would be able to have that great parenting relationship that most separated couples have.

This unfortunately was not meant to be!

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