When Twins Go To School Together

When Twins Go To School Together - twinstiarasandtantrums.com

The problem you face when twins go to school together, is that you don’t really know which one (if either) is on track or whether one is slightly more advanced or behind with their work. For instance, the girls have to learn four sight words a week in reception, Monkey is on page 10 already and Mookin is only on page 6. Does this make Monkey above average or Mookin below?

The school they go to seems to have a wishy-washy approach to excellent or bad behaviour. One prime example is sports day, they don’t have single winners or losers anymore, the kids are split into coloured teams, so it’s a team win or a team fail. No one child is singled out either way. Everyone is to be an equal, but as you can imagine this can cause a few issues in AND out of class.

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