When is assault "Assault"?

When is assault

It was one of those calls which makes the world around you slip away - you struggle to hear properly once the word "ambulance" is mentioned and your imagination cranks into overdrive. He was apparently ok, and there was no huge need for concern but my mind was spinning as I got over to his school as quickly as possible.

I can't fault the school's care of him, fearing a spinal injury they had taken every precaution and step to protect him. I was told he had slapped the other (older) child first, and my immediate reaction was the assumption that this was an over-the-top response to the (not uncommon) aggravation Harry had demonstrated towards the other boy. But in making this false step I let me son down, falling into the trap of believing difficulties he struggles with, that WE struggle with can justify an attack of this kind.

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