When is a holiday NOT a holiday?

When is a holiday NOT a holiday?

Myself and my family have just been away for a long weekend – having picked the sunniest and hottest October weekend on record (temp in the late 20′s!).

While we were away it struck me that although this was a great holiday, and felt very relaxing, it wasn’t a “much needed” one, like so many people feel when they go away.

Now this isn’t because we are away every few weeks – in fact this was our first break since January! – so it got me thinking about why we don’t really feel we desperately need a holiday and why we aren’t a very holiday-oriented family at all.

People do question our logic, assuming more often than not that we are depriving ourselves, but we have never really felt that way.

When we go away we love it, but we don’t live for holidays, and are quite happy (excited even) to go back home when its finished.

Me being me, I tried to pinpoint why! – It came to me that its simple really. We have created a great balanced life for ourselves when we are at home, that ensures we are happy (as much as possible anyway!).

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