Pig When I am gone, I would like you to picnic on my grave (2)

Pigeon Pair & Me: When I am gone, I would like you to picnic on my grave (2)

The last couple of weeks with the Pigeon Pair have been tough.

Perhaps it was something to do with the end of Christmas and New Year’s high jinks, and then the return to normality. That familiar trudge to pre-school, after bowling round the house like cannonballs, looking for missing shoes, errant gloves and whatever the nursery had decided was required for that day (Austin’s favourite book, items beginning with the sound of the week, stuff for show and tell….all forgotten by me until right at the last minute, of course).

Or maybe we were all just grumpy because of withdrawal. From the festivities, the exciting visitors, good films on the telly, and …ahem….rather large quantities of cheese and booze.

[note to any authorities present: the Christmas booze is just us - ie, me and D, not the kids. And when I say 'large quantities', I mean the couple of glasses it takes to knock us out now that we're sleep deprived and not used to fine living. Yep, we're cheap dates these days....]

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