What’s your beauty legacy?

What’s your beauty legacy? As a mum to a nearly 8 year old daughter (and a nearly 2 year old daughter) I’m very conscious that my words and actions are absorbed and remembered, so I try to be very careful when it comes to self-esteem, self-confidence, body and beauty matters.

About 18 months ago, my (then 6 year old) daughter came out with “you have to be skinny to be pretty” which really scared me, as we don’t talk about weight or dieting at home, so this has come from peers and the media. That day I vowed that I would be doubly careful about what I said and did in front of my girls.

Dove has recently launched a self-esteem campaign to encourage women to see the beauty in themselves for the next generation of young women. I am lucky enough that my mum never spoke negatively about her own physique or beauty, so I grew up without hang-ups. My aim is to pass that on to my own girls now.

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