#Whats the story? A newspaper story.

#Whats the story? A newspaper story.

#Whats the story? A newspaper story. Posted on September 2, 2013 by uncheshire wife This week I’ve linked up with #whatsthestory organised by Podcastdove.com Here’s the link bit.ly/14k93eZ .

This is a photograph of an article about my grandfather, my cousin has been researching our family tree and has discovered amazing photographs, articles and poetry from our family history. I got quite emotional at some of the poetry and considering he was in a POW camp some are quite humorous. This isn’t the whole story regarding my grandfather and the family tree research, there was a lot more we discovered.

We were told our grandfather came back from the war a different person, and you can imagine that to be true. He never settled back into family life and disappeared when my Dad and his sisters were still young. He was never heard of again.

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