What's The Story? #3

What's The Story? #3

This is me and Amy from And 1 More Means 5. We must be about 14 here and we're at school. Amy and I were pretty good friends at school. We socialised in a group of about 12 other kids. There were 3 other girls and the rest were boys. One was my boyfriend and the other boys were all into Moshing. Was that the word for it?

We used to spend our break times outside the art rooms. On the sunny days, we'd lie in the sun and gossip. Amy's boyfriend went to a different school from us but we still shared our secrets and giggled over things in More magazine. On rainy days, we'd be huddled indoors, trying to sneak into our form rooms to listen to music. Some teachers were OK with this whilst others would chase us out.

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