What will Miss Belle wear?

What will Miss Belle wear?

What will Miss Belle wear? Next week we're attending a Family wedding. I love a good wedding! The dress, the emotion, copious amounts of love in the air. It's magical. My dress is sorted {Thank-you Primark!} & my darling mans suit is pressed, all we need to dress for the occasion now, is Miss Belle.

So what will she wear?

I've been shopping around for ideas, as one thing I know, an uncomfortable baby is an unhappy baby! And no-one wants to be that person, with a screaming baby in the crowd as the Bride & Groom say their "I do's"!

The idea of putting her in a dress is OUT! I think dresses are cute, and sweet. But realistically, I'm not comfortable holding a baby in a dress, then there's the fear of them getting to warm yadda yadda, so no dress! So clearly we need an alternative outfit. I'm hoping to find something that falls into the category of casual & cute, as baby's really don't need to follow dress protocol at a wedding in my opinion!

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