What We Did Last Week #WeekThirtyThree

What We Did Last Week #WeekThirtyThree

Last Sunday, we got up and got ready for a birthday party the kids had been invited too. It was lots of fun! We had to leave early for Wee Z's swimming lesson and we were really pleased to hear he had been moved up to the next course!

On Monday, it was nursery and school for Miss C and Wee Z. After I dropped them off, I came home to peace and quiet. I was able to do my work out in peace and, something I haven't been able to do in years (unless we have visitors), I had a shower the door closed. After I picked up Miss C, we walked in to town to get some new books from the library and had a sausage roll for lunch.

On Tuesday, Miss C and I had a pretty chilled out day at home. Miss C wanted to bring her baby and her gorgeous Mamas & Papas pram to school. I agreed, reluctantly I might add since it had never been outside before today.

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