What We Did Last Week #WeekThirtyOne

What We Did Last Week #WeekThirtyOne

Last Sunday, we woke with sore heads. That's Husband and I. Miss C was still up at 7am despite going to bed at 11pm! We took a shower, had breakfast and decided to go and look at some more new houses. I love the show homes. If anything, they are great for giving you ideas on how you want your own home to look. The house I loved hadn't been built yet in our town but the show home was in a town 10 minutes away so we went and had a look. It was gorgeous! If only the houses were closer to the catchment area for our school. After house hunting, I took the kids to swimming lessons. Miss C got on much better again this week and if Wee Z doesn't get his next swimming badge, I don't know what else he has to do in order to move up.

On Monday, after work, the kids played outside whilst I washed the car. They did give me some help until Miss E and Wee L turned up and they decided to play Duck, Duck, Goose.

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