What We Did Last Week #Week46

What We Did Last Week #Week46

Last Sunday, we got up at 11am after a late night the night before. The kids and I played a few games after breakfast, including Frustration. Wee Z wanted to play his LEGO Harry Potter game however, the instructions proved too confusing for me so Husband played with him instead. My friend came over for a chat and a cuppa and then I took the kids to swimming lessons. Miss C did great swimming on her back and Wee Z was showing his class how to do the front crawl and turning his head to the side to take a breath.

On Monday, it was back to school and nursery and back to morning shifts at work for me. In the afternoon, Miss C played with her Disney Princess dolls. When Wee Z came home from school, he did his homework and then we read some books together.

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