What We Did Last Week #Week35

What We Did Last Week #Week35

Last Sunday, we slept in until 10am which was great, especially after a rough day on Saturday. Once we were up, Husband decided he was going to sign up to Netflix and the kids watched Beverly Hill Chihuha 2 and Hoodwinked before their swimming lessons. I took them to McDonalds for tea as a treat.

On Monday, it was back to our routine of school, nursery and work. When I got in from work, Miss C had taken over the living room with her Playmobil toys. It was raining at school pick up time so I took the car to get Wee Z. What a mistake that was. The car park was full apart from 3 spaces which I couldn't park in because the inconsiderate people who had parked either side of them, had parked over the white lines which meant the spaces were far too narrow. I circled the carpark for 10 minutes which meant I was late for Wee Z by the time I got a space!

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