What we did instead of Eurovision

What we did instead of Eurovision

My family must be really dysfunctional. It's Saturday night. It's Eurovision night. And my twitter feed suggests that everyone is watching Eurovision. Not only that, but they're watching it together, as a family. With wine and beer, and popcorn and chocolate. Shall I describe the scene here as the show starts?

I am taking a short break from the washing up and trying not to listen to the Tweenies video that Smiley is watching for the 10,000th time. My son is curled up on the sofa in his Den, playing a game on one of his consoles. I'm assuming that my eldest daughter is on her laptop in her room, relaxing after a busy working day coaching young gymnasts . I *think* I saw her since Smiley and I came home from the Club, but I'm not 100% sure. She has a kettle in her room, which means she feels very little need to leave it...

Family activities almost never happen now, with one grown up, and two battling teenage hormones. There's the occasional meal out, sometimes involving a walk out too. Visitors do bring us all together, especially if they're good cooks! My kids love visitors.

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