What to wear after labour

What to wear after labour

What to Wear After Labour

Ok, I realise in just writing this post that I probably sound ridiculous, thinking about what I am going to look like on leaving the hospital. I haven’t even gone into labour yet and I’m already worrying about what to wear after labour, or so you must think. But, I’m writing this post not really because I’m focused purely on looking good, but more about regaining control of myself after giving birth. It truly is the most physically and emotionally draining experience.

Breastfeeding Ready? At first I found breastfeeding so difficult, especially whilst I was in hospital trying to get to grips with latching a very hungry baby (and dealing with some very unhelpful midwives). I never realised I’d need a whole wardrobe of stretchy vest tops to provide food at a moments notice. The first few weeks I had it relatively easy, but the requests for food only increases month by month. Be prepared to put the high neck tops and dresses on hold. Last time I got by on a selection of vests from Primark, Marks and Spencer and H&M, these are a must have.

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