What to pack this Summer

Aaaargh, this weather! Summer? Call this Summer??

(Ok, technically we’re still in Spring, but really, I’d have expected better by now).

We’ve been subjected to a whole half-term of drizzle, damp, and downpours. Which, for me, means being stuck indoors with a four- and a two-year old, the youngest of which I foolishly decided to potty train this week.

Because, of course, it was bound to be all lovely and sunny, given that the last few weeks have been just short of sweltering here in London. I’d envisaged our potty training half-term time being spent in the garden, splashing about in the paddling pool.

Those balmy days now seem as though they belong to a different century. But, I did have a wee pick-me-up (of the nonalcoholic variety) courtesy of those stylish folk at Joules, who invited me to take a look through their catalogue and put together a wishlist.

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