What to pack for a ski trip

What to pack for a ski trip

Whilst making a packing list for our forthcoming ski trip it struck me that what I’m taking now is considerably different from what I would have packed 10 years ago, before we had the children. So for anyone planning a holiday in the snow, with or without kids, here’s my advice.

What To Pack For A Ski Trip

Before kids:

Fleece headband that matches  your ski jacket – prevents earache,  but avoids the shame of hat-hair. Duty-free Absolut vodka – distracts the mind from occasional sprains and bruises. Multivitamins – with all that delicious cheese and patisserie, it may be tricky to keep up with your 5-a-day. Skinny jeans and your best chenille tops – warm but still chic for  the evenings...

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