What to expect from today’s Butlin’s

What to expect from today’s Butlin’s

At the end of April this year we took a short break at Butlin’s Bognor Regis. The arrival of POD three and a half years ago was, as expected a huge catalyst for change in our lives. Amongst these was the necessity to rethink future holiday plans. We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy some fantastic holidays over the years including trips to Canada, New Zealand and Venezuela.

POD turned three on Christmas Day 2013. Now we needed to look closer to home and incorporate activities that would keep a very active and outgoing toddler excited, engaged and ideally worn out by bed time.

We don’t exactly have a checklist for our holidays but wherever we stay we expect a certain standard of comfort and cleanliness (even in the jungles of South America). We also like to have the opportunity to enjoy good food and plenty of it. We are pretty self-sufficient and happy to work out our own itinerary and discover what our holiday destinations have to offer. However we do expect to be able to rely on staff to fill in the gaps if required.

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