What to do for Halloween -

What to do for Halloween -

The kids love Halloween, the whole thing from dressing up to Halloween treats to our own version of a family Halloween party all add to the event and make for a key occasion in our calendar. I don’t believe in trick or treating, for me personally I don’t like the idea of encouraging my children to knock on strangers doors or accept sweets, it goes against everything I’m trying to teach them in terms of strangers but I’m not a totally unreasonable mummy.

I love to throw them a little tea party at home filled with the same foods as my mum and dad made at our parties when I was a little girl. Things like witches fingers (hotdogs with ketchup), witches brew (orange juice with colouring) and other treats like worm jelly. Tots100 have some great Halloween recipe ideasfollow from a range of bloggers that I’ve been reading and getting ideas from, perfect for making fun halloween goodies with the kids!

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