What makes the perfect holiday?

What makes the perfect holiday?

What makes the perfect holiday? For us it’s always been a combination of adventure and activity. As a couple we’ve enjoyed some fantastic trips close to home and as far afield as New Zealand.

We were both well traveled before we met. I spent two years living and working in Australia in my twenties whilst my husband went back-packing around SE Asia, Australia, New Zealand and Fiji around the same time.

He also went on holiday to Lebanon and Syria in 2002. I’d used up all my leave so he and a friend booked a week away starting in Beirut. It wasn’t my idea of the ideal holiday destination, but he had an incredible time visiting the roman ruins at Balbeek and embarking on a wine tour in the Beqaa Valley before crossing the border to explore the souks in Damascus. Sadly not a trip you could repeat today.

Since we’ve been together the criteria for an annual holiday has remained constant. We’ve enjoyed some fabulous skiing holidays in Europe, with Zermatt top of our list.

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