What made you become a Muslim? - Expatlog

What made you become a Muslim? - Expatlog

Julia Donaldson’s book Monkey Puzzle was my eldest daughter’s no.1 bedtime tale with its story of a monkey who’s lost his mum and the caring butterfly who tries to help him find her. Despite Monkey’s descriptions, Butterfly keeps leading them to the wrong animals until, exasperated, Monkey blurts out, ‘Butterfly, butterfly, can’t you see? None of these creatures looks like me!’ ‘You never told me she looked like you!’ ‘Of course I didn’t! I thought you knew!’ ‘I didn’t know. I couldn’t! You see… none of my babies looks like me.’

There are times when I feel like Monkey. The faith I connect with seems a different animal viewed through the eyes of others. I wonder if I still count as a Muslim when I disagree with so much it’s purported to represent. I’m one of those white, western, female converts that people assume must be brainwashed or bonkers. It’s a largely accurate assessment as lots of them are – self-righteously parroting bulls**t, an inane smile on their face and an incongruous scarf on their head – but in that sense they’re not so different from many ‘born’ Muslims...

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