What kind of mother are you?

What kind of mother are you?

Earth mother, tiger mum, helicopter parent – I’ve had enough of the labels. I’ve never liked them, I’ve never seen the value in them, and I’ve never paid them much attention. They’ve annoyed me a little, like an itch that you can largely ignore but comes back from time to time just to remind you of its pointless existence. But this week an article asking readers ‘What kind of parent are you?’ was was just offensive enough to make me read it.

There I was, again being asked to pigeon-hole myself after assessing my behaviour towards my children. I could have been a helicopter parent, I suppose, as many ‘have given up their jobs to ensure their children’s survival.’ Oh yes, that’s why I quit my well paid, intellectually stimulating, personally rewarding and in every way challenging job two years ago. Who needs a career when the very survival of their kids is at stake anyway?

Or if I find myself still breastfeeding when my child is six, I’ll be what’s known as a vegan earth mother. I have given up dairy for Jasmin come to think of it…. There are even choices of labels for dads.

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