What kind of Christmas Shopper are you?

What kind of Christmas Shopper are you?

For The Wrap Artist is all about the trimmings. No mass produced, cheap novelty paper for her, and she wouldn’t be caught dead defacing her gifts with a ribbon rosette. When it comes to wrapping she thinks outside the box, opting for sprigs of seasonal foliage tied with jaunty ribbons or rustic string – perfect for disguising a bog-standard present.

The It’s-the-thought-that-Countess, however, is a fan of hand-made gifts. She's been baking up a storm since Easter. Every one of her edible snowflakes is completely unique. If only she could get to grips with dusting icing sugar. Bet Nigella never gets powder up her nose.

The Recycler has taken ‘giving something back’ to new levels – by reusing gifts. Once labelled a tight-arse, at last she’s part of the in-crowd in today’s environmentally-conscious, financially-challenged times. Re-gifting is the new vintage, don't you know. Green is the new black.

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