What Is The Time Mr Clock?

What Is The Time Mr Clock? I mentioned in my previous post on how unproductive I was over the weekend. So I made up to it yesterday after i came back from work. I planned to spend at least a couple of quality time with the kid before lights out at 2130hours. So was speed-choring (the act of doing my chores in a super speed manner ok) and finally settled down.

Weapon of choice:

Recycled pizza box from last Friday's food party http://daryathedrama.blogspot.sg/2015/02/my-belly-is-belly-happy.html Felt fabric (bought from Daiso) with adhesive back Thumbtacks A pair of scissors Another awesome red box (used to house my brother's headphones heh) Twine

In the beginning, I wanted to use the kid's cut out photo of herself as the arms of the clock. I miscalculated and cut it in an awkward manner. Plus, methinks she will be confused on telling which is the HOUR hand and the MINUTE hand if we do incorporate this cut-out into the clock-face making project. *self consoled*

So, keeping it simple for her to learn the time, a proper looking hour and minute hand it is.


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