What I’m Writing Linky

What I’m Writing Linky

‘What I’m Writing’ is a brand new linky for all you writers, poets and bloggers out there.

Regular readers will know that I love writing. I also love writing about writing and this blog is full of posts about writing challenges I’ve set myself, my aspirations, self-doubts, successes and knock-backs. If it’s about writing and I’m thinking it, then it’s usually here.

I also love reading about other people’s writing, whether it’s to feel inspired by their success or to read about their doubts and moments of writer’s block and think ‘Phew, it’s not just me!’ And I like to be a supportive commenter, in fact that’s one of the most important things about blogging to me – the community.

I know I am not alone in any of this – pondering and procrastinating seem to be part of being a writer!

So with all of this in mind, Chrissie from Muddled Manuscript and I decided to start our ‘What I’m Writing’ linky to share all these sorts of posts. We hope to grow a community of writers who can support each other, cheer each other on and generally help us all feel we are not alone.

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