What I’m wearing to the Mad Blog Awards

What I’m wearing to the Mad Blog Awards

This Friday sees my second ever visit to the Mad Blog Awardsfollow. I am a lucky girl – once was fabulous, twice is just too exciting for words! Last year I had the most awesome outfit, I was beginning to worry that I would never be able to top it in 2014. But at the last minute, from out of the ashes of my woefully Marks and Spencerised wardrobe, my Fairy Godsister came up trumps. I’ve been waiting for the packages to arrive for a few days now, with excitement increasing daily as I enter the house. And today was the day.

The question is, do I go with outfit 1?

Or outfit 2?

And if you’re struggling to choose, just let me show you the shoes I got to go with outfit 2:

I know, right? Tough choice!

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