What goes on His in head!!

What goes on His in head!!

I sit here waiting, waiting for the name to be called, The orange seats in an U shape, The orange walls, the hatch you speak in when you arrive, the children’s toys in the middle. The boy seems calm and playing nicely, chatting to himself as ever. The office staff are buzzing around on the phone and the computer. Doors in the distance opening and closing, the lift is pinging as it travels the 3 floors. Still waiting, I wonder whats to come next, we still wait. The door opens, the name is called, we all stand up and walk towards the door, through the security door, to a little room, 2 blue chairs and a childs one, a bed next to the wall and a desk with a mountain of files on. The top file is opened, we go over the boys history, shes new but seems lovely. We try to talk to the doctor, but the noise, its deafening, The arms are flaying, the legs are kicking and I see tears running down his cheeks, The red face, the anger that we are there, that we are talking,

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