What exactly is the Foire aux Vins?

What exactly is the Foire aux Vins?

If you've lived in France for any stretch of time, you may have noticed that, come mid-September, the supermarket shelves filled with back to school equipment are replaced with bottles and boxes of wine. Could it be for all the parents out there keen to celebrate their children's return to school after the long summer break?

Well, the more cynical of us may think that, but in truth the Foire aux Vins (literally 'Wine Fair') is a traditional festival, held to celebrate the new harvest. Yep, as I type, vineyards around the country (and the northern hemisphere in general) are either in the process of picking, or getting ready to pick, the grapes which will become the 2014 vintage.

The most famous Foire aux Vins is in Colmar, Alsace, which falls in August and has been going for more than two centuries! Not only are there plenty of wines to taste (over 1500 samples of Alsace wine to start), but the Foire aux Vins d'Alsace also boasts a grand stage which attracts performances from some of the most famous names in music. This year the line up included Neil Young and Texas

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