What do you do if you have too many books?

What do you do if you have too many books? - Stressy Mummy

I have often dreamt of owning a house with a library.  It would be a huge expanse of a room with enormous, comfortable sofas and lots of space to wander around choosing a book or two to read.  It would  have great windows overlooking a beautiful garden and I would drape myself on the sofas and immerse myself in my chosen book, enjoying the peace and the only distraction would come from the occasional sip of chilled white wine.

The reality is quite different.  The house is full of stuff.  Yes, there are lots of books and whichever room you are in, there will be books, but there are so many other things too and I haven’t got one single place to keep all of our books.  And there are so many.

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