What do artists do?…

What do artists do?…

I started back at University again and already received my first module about evaluation and critical reflection of myself as a creative practitioner. I have been thinking a lot lately about what i may do after graduating which is scary but also intriguing.i still have been enjoying working as a studio assistant in St Ives and id like to continue with that for as long as possible.

I have just watched this program on BBC iplayer called What Do Artists Do All Day featuring Cornelia Parker, its really interesting and its only 30 minutes long. I didnt see the series when it was on so im not sure if the other episodes are available to watch. I think the most interesting thing is that no two days are the same and sometimes you dont know where your research and interest will take you.

I get my new studio space tomoro so keep your eyes peeled for photos of studio work coming soon!

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