What Did The Shark Eat Today?

What Did The Shark Eat Today?

The other day, I mentioned about the http://daryathedrama.blogspot.sg/2014/11/darya-is-shark-week.html method I got her to learning her spelling and ABCs. (the earlier cardboard fishes i did for her went missing, why am i not surprise) I created another batch on papers this time (I am so sure these will soon fly off missing too) and told her to please keep her alpha-fishes back into their box.

Last night's game was to incorporate spelling, recognizing the alphabets as well as to practice on her writing.

We asked her so what did the shark eat today? She mentioned a couple of animals, so I made her fish for the the alphabet and say the letter out loud. Of course, with assistance from us the Parental Unit. Then I told her to try to 'copy' what the word says on the fish. Again with assistance from us.

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