We've Grown Our Very First Apple!

We've Grown Our Very First Apple!

Yesterday I was in the garden, pegging laundry out on the line, and occasionally throwing our furbaby Jade's little ball for her when she brought it to me. As happy a day as I've had for a while :)

So, having finished pegging out laundry, I was happily playing fetch with Jade and something caught my eye. Taking a closer look, it was this.....

A tiny apple! Nothing surprising about an apple on an apple tree you might think, and of course you're right BUT this is the very first apple ever on our little apple tree :)

It's a ridiculously silly thing to be happy about but it did make me smile :) Our little tree is a little over seven years old now, so who knows, maybe next year I can make apple pies or crumbles with our very own apples from the garden :)

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