Westminster Abbey: family travel perspective

Westminster Abbey: family travel perspective I’m reviewing a new guide book – Marco Polo’s Perfect Days in… London – and one of the first things that I see in it is a Top 10 list of the most important sights in the capital. At the top of the list is Westminster Abbey.

I’ve lived half an hour outside of London for most of my life, I go there often and I think that I know it well. Yet I’ve never been inside Westminster Abbey, a UNESCO World Heritage Site and the place where Kings and Queens have been crowned for nearly 1,000 years. I determine to go there as soon as possible.

The next day as soon as the kids are off at school I walk the dog and then head to the station to catch the train to London. Once in the capital I take the tube to Westminster and walk past the Houses of Parliament and across Parliament Square to Westminster Abbey.


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One Aldwych, London

Chartwell, Churchill’s family home