Welsh Bloggers 2

Welsh Bloggers 2

Welsh Bloggers 2 I started this, then had my holiday. So now I am home, I shall carry on.

As I said in my the first post (here), I am just going to start rounding up what is going on with Bloggers in Wales (Or bloggers from Wales, now living elsewhere). Since starting my blog, just over a year ago, I have struggled to find others out there, from Wales. When I put the call out about finding others, I was surprised just how many there were!

In my first few blogs, I shall just be introducing them, when I have done that, I shall start rounding up some of the bloggers favourite posts. (yes, I pinched a little bit of the idea from a certain, well known, blogger site....sh).

So here we go with Blog number 2, Welsh Bloggers.

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