Welly walks and chocolate fridge cake

Welly walks and chocolate fridge cake

It was just me and the kiddies today, such is the joys of the husband running his own business. We spent the morning baking and making chocolate delights so we stayed close to home and ventured out locally exploring the neighbouring fields. Despite them being on our doorstep we rarely go across them but today the kiddies decided we should walk to the play park, a good half hour away. We left with the sun shining and me muttering something about the weatherman always getting it wrong. We walked through fields hoping the threat of builders and new homes fades away, we saw signs of sheep, fought our way through Gruffalo dens, spotted autumn leaves. Then the heavens opened; time to return home. Soaked anyway we jumped in puddles and ran up the lanes back to a hot bath and chocolate fridge cake...

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