Well hello there, skinny jeans

Well hello there, skinny jeans Taking pride of place in my wardrobe, on the best hangers and right in the middle of all the other clothes, there are some pretty new things. There’s a pair of postbox red skinny jeans, a pair of patterned ankle-skimming peg trousers, a baby-soft cashmere sweater… and a couple of jumpers and a silky cardi that are just quite lovely really. I’ve not suddenly landed a high paying job (but if you want to hire me, please do let me know), I’ve not quietly had the bank manager increase the limit on my credit card, and I’ve definitely not been treated to a whole new wardrobe by my husband. No. The new clothes, you see, are because I’m over lycra.

I’ve also had enough of yoga pants and leggings. For the best part of a year, they have dominated my wardrobe. With their high stretchy waistbands, they have been my maternity wear of choice.

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