Welcome To My Playground.

Welcome To My Playground.

Why hello there beast of a Purmotion. 40secs each station of Brazilian rope training, squats on the warhammer, airfit bow and arrow, whack the mole which is plank exercise while strapped on the sling and swing inwards (i think it is called the inverted plank or something? haha) and running on the spot while strapped, make that 4 sets of everything = me almost vomitting my intestines out. - this was two weeks ago.

I no longer get dizzy and that sick feeling in the stomach of vomitting everything out after my session on the Purmotion.

I have moved on to other different workout and have increased to sets of 5 at 40 seconds.

I have gained 400gram though ahhaha BUT thank god, of muscles not of body fats.

Oh this is how my tummy looks like every morning. Very well behave ey? That is until food enters my body. Then I will look like i am 4 months preggers. Hah!

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