Weekend Mischief

Weekend Mischief

On Saturday there were three outfits. The first got wet when she decided to crawl across the puddle-strewn top of the climbing frame at the park. The second got covered in sun cream when she reached her nursery bag down from the table, opened it, emptied it and found the sun cream at the bottom - and then somehow managed to take the lid off it and pour/spread it everywhere. S's sun hat was almost lost for good on Saturday morning while we were out. First it was dropped and only found when it got caught in the buggy wheels and stopped them turning. Then it was thrown at the biscuit aisle, then it was dropped and a member of supermarket staff had to chase us along the aisle shouting "excuse me..." At least one of S's dirty nappies over the weekend appeared to be filled largely with sand, leading me to believe the mischief was not exclusive to this weekend.

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