Wednesday Works!

Wednesday Works!

In France primary children in primary school don't go to school on Wednesdays (although this will change next year when they will go in the mornings, bringing them in line with secondary schools). With Ben still in primary and Tom in secondary it means we have Ben home alone on Wednesday mornings and we can have a bit of time together, just the 2 of us. This is what we got up to this week:

First he asked if he could do some digging. Well, I'm never one to refuse a bit of child-labour, help in the garden, so I set him off digging over what was the base of the old muck heap, ready for courgettes to go in as soon as the risk of frosts is over. I was busy planting potatoes and both of us were on a mission to finish our jobs before the hail set in. We failed!

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What would you do with a whole week off work?

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