Web-Blinds Review

Web-Blinds Review

I think in this day and age we are always on the look out for quality items at reasonable prices. I don't know anyone that can splash the cash anymore on furniture and furnishings, yet we all still want the best that money can buy. 

Web-blinds in the sister online site of Hilary Blinds, a name you may have heard of, and a name you can trust. They particularly focus on value for money without scrimping on the quality and are proud of the fact that they offer a 12 month guarantee on all their items.

Their online site is clearly laid out with easy to read text, and is easy to navigate. 

As you can see from the website, they have brilliant offers, and free delivery on all orders over £99.

Web-blinds sent me a blind to review for my son's bedroom. We had a Velux window installed a couple of years ago, but have yet to buy a blind to fit, so this was a great opportunity.

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