Weaving with a cardboard box loom

Weaving with a cardboard box loom I used to love weaving when I was little. It's easy to do, very satisfying, and you are left with something useful at the end. I'm not sure what put it in my head the other day, but we had a sturdy cardboard box and some wool lying about, and so I made a simple loom for Harry to try out.

All you need is a strong cardboard box and some wool. Cut the top flaps off the box and make some notches down each side about half a centimetre apart. The size of your finished weaving will be determined by the width of your box and the number of notches that you make. Then thread the wool between the notches to form the warp threads. Knot firmly to secure. Use some of the cardboard from the box flaps to make a comb for pushing down the wool and a shuttle to thread the wool through.

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