Wear It For Autism. An amazing charity event in London Fashion Week.

Wear It For Autism. An amazing charity event in London Fashion Week.

This week I was extra pleased to be able to attend the wonderful 'Wear It For Autism' charity event, organised by Anna Kennedy OBE.

Taking place during London Fashion Week, this was a chance for some amazing people to be pampered and to 'work' the catwalk for once in their lives, as their trials and tribulations in the world of autism were recognised and rewarded. Mums, dads, siblings, children living with autism themselves and even Grandparents were all given makeovers to help them take the time to feel special about themselves. Then they were invited to 'strut their stuff' in front of a rather large audience!! They all did a super job.

Anna Kennedy is a very special lady; a mum in a million who was awarded an OBE for her services to special needs and autism. Anna set up two specialist schools for children with autism after her own two autistic sons were turned away from mainstream education, she raises awareness for autism constantly through events such as this and Autism's Got Talent, has written a book on autism, made a dance DVD for autism and was voted Tesco's Achieving Mum Of The Year 2013.

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