We Survived....

We Survived....

We Survived....

That may sound a little dramatic, but it's how I feel. I don't feel relief, or like a cloud has lifted. I feel like I have survived, not too damaged, a tough couple of days.

It's not easy in our house, this time of year, anyway. The wait for Xmas is tough for children that don't understand the concept of time very well. When "remember when I.....", relates to something they did a couple of hours ago, 4 weeks is a lifetime!

Saturday RJ kicked of BIG time. He always goes to cookery class on a Saturday. He loves this class, it's a great mix of cookery and play, he's even made new friends. This week he hadn't listened, however, when he was told to come and get his stuff for the oven, he was too busy playing. This resulted in him leaving the class half an hour late. This is neither fair on the, saint like, woman that takes the class, or the parents waiting in the car outside. This past Saturday it was husband.........it did not end well!

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