We Need to Talk About the M-Word

We Need to Talk About the M-Word - Grenglish

Miscarriage. About one in four pregnancies will end this way and yet for something that is sadly so common, most people still know so very little about it. People who have experienced the hurt of a miscarriage feel uncomfortable and embarrassed even, to talk about it. I am not sure if this is because we are told it is taboo to announce a pregnancy before the magic 12-weeks, so feel any loss before then will not be accepted as real. Is a pregnancy in its first 3-months less wanted, less planned for, less loved? Does a woman who loses her baby at 11-weeks have less right to feel as devastated than one who miscarried at 13-weeks? Miscarriage is utter crap at whatever stage it happens. It does not feel like a heavy period – physically or emotionally. It is not something that you can get over with a cup of hot tea and a hug.  Although that is still nice, obviously. It is devastating. It is confusing. And, it is terrifying. It was not supposed to happen to you. It was not supposed to happen to me.

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