We marched in the Parade!

We marched in the Parade!

Well almost, as you'll see.

It was all about Smiley.  She's had a good weekend.  There was bowling on Saturday and a Funfair on Sunday, though that was cut short due to a message from my son that he wasn't feeling well.  So that put a big question mark over our planned trip to the Dublin Parade today.  I was anxious about it anyway.  When she was little, the wheelchairs were allowed on the pavement edge with no barriers, so she could see and feel a part of it all.  But last time we went, we were squashed into this pen and she saw almost nothing.  I'd heard that things had improved, so I applied for tickets again this year.  Just for the two of us: both my son and eldest daughter would now rather chill out at home.  I got her ready and we headed into town, late as usual.

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