We HEART Hart of Dixie - Grenglish

We HEART Hart of Dixie - Grenglish

When the Greek God(zilla) and I first met, we would lose entire weekends watching box-sets of LOST. We would walk to the video shop (back when they still existed), rent a couple of episodes on DVD (back before you could download them), and pick up a Thai takeaway and a bottle of red on the way home (yeah… we still do that). We’d eat the food sitting cross-legged on my bedroom floor and call it a carpet picnic (back when we could still sit cross-legged without dislocating a hip). Those are some of my happiest memories with the Greek God(zilla) and sometimes, when one of us is feeling a bit romantic, we might suggest a carpet picnic and watch a show from the tv planner. Although these days, a couple of glasses of wine is all it takes to have us dribbling into the sofa and we usually fall asleep about 10-minutes in to it.

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