We Are Delish! A Cake Pop Tutorial

We Are Delish! A Cake Pop Tutorial I first came across Neli, of the wonderful Delish Cake Pops fame, at a craft fayre we were both trading at, in Beeston last year. Her stall truly resembled that of a child's Willy Wonka-fantasy shop - gorgeous brownies, chunky homemade marshmallows and hundreds upon hundreds of colourful cake pops. So when I set this blog up, I approached Neli to see if she would be up for doing a tutorial with me about making these little balls of heaven, and she was more than happy to teach me the basics! Neli has been running Delish for 2 years, a successful sideline to her day job, which often means she is travelling around the world. She was originally inspired by the POP Bakery, the home of the English Cake Pop, and has brought her inspiration to Nottingham and the surrounding areas.

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