We all get by with a little help from a friend

When in need ASK

When unsure ASK

If in doubt ASK

Everyone needs help sometimes

So why when someone actually does ask for help do they not accept the help offered? This happened very recently. Someone asked for help, it was offered then rejected and not in a "thanks very much" kind of way, in a "how dare you try to help" kind of way!

I have to ask....why bother?

Why bother asking for help if actually it's not wanted?

Why bother at all?

It makes others not want to offer help

Let me take you back nearly 2.5 years in time. A new Mum was chosen as a QuinnyCaster and for that role she starts up a blog, this blog.

She knew nothing of blogging, no idea where to start. Yet I did it. This blog is still going, I'm not saying it's great or perfect by all means but it's still here after that time and it's going from strength to strength, and shall I tell you why and how?

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