Ways to Promote your Blog Using Facebook

Ways to Promote your Blog Using Facebook

It's a great idea to set up a Facebook page for your blog. Facebook is the original social network, and still has the largest number of active users. Having a page for your blog allows you to promote the blog on Facebook, without spamming up the newsfeeds of all your regular Facebook friends for whom your blog might not be relevant. This post follows on from this one about using Twitter to promote your blog, and this one about how to write a good blog post.

Use Facebook to post links to your blog, but not just that. Post pictures, share content from other pages, links to relevant articles or websites.  Think about what makes you click "like" on a Facebook page. You want more than just your personal friends to follow your Facebook page, so try to make it appealing. Fill in the "about" section as thoroughly as possible, so that people know what they're signing up to. Be polite! If someone comments on your Facebook page, or sends you a private message, always try to respond. Always thank anyone who shares your content. People will not continue to interact with someone who does not respond to them.

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