Waw Not Wow

Waw Not Wow

Saturday night was unoriginal, I'm afraid, but that doesn't mean it wasn't delicious! I defrosted more seafood and then made a romesco sauce to go with it. I roasted 250 (home grown) tomatoes for 20 minutes and then added 20g of hazelnuts at the end. I skinned the tomatoes and places them and the nuts in a food processor. I added some slow roasted garlic (should have been raw, but I'd roasted some earlier in the day and decided why not?), some fried bread, about 25g and then about three teaspoons of Chipotle chilli paste. I blended it all up with a jarred pepper and about 100ml of olive oil. Possibly not a classic romesco sauce, but delicious nonetheless with what I could buy in these parts...

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